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New Materials for Longer Lasting Implants

Engineers have developed materials that may extend the life of an implant. OXINIUM material, an innovation exclusively from Smith & Nephew, is a Zirconium-based alloy, similar to titanium, with a ceramic surface that provides superior wear resistance without brittleness. Because of its superior hardness, smoothness and resistance to scratching and abrasion, an OXINIUM replacement may provide an answer to patients who would otherwise delay joint replacement due to concerns about implant life.

When zirconium is subjected to high temperature in the presence of oxygen, the result is OXINIUM material, which has a smooth ceramic surface. Since OXINIUM material is a metal, breakage is not necessarily a problem. In fact, OXINIUM material can reduce wear by as much as 98% without risking breakage.

As there are many choices of prosthetic implants available, your surgeon will find the best choice for you depending on your age and anatomy.

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