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Surgery Team Makes History

First in Georgia to Perform Procedure

We’re going into the medical history books!

At 7a.m. on Tuesday, August 15, Dr. Kenneth Sands, Harbin Clinic orthopedic surgeon and Floyd’s surgical team performed the first Birmingham Hip Resurfacing technique in the state of Georgia.

The Birmingham Hip Resurfacing (BHR) is a revolutionary alternative to total hip replacement. BHR is a new procedure, used only since FDA approval in July, that shaves and caps the bone within the joint rather than replacing the entire hip joint. The bone-conserving approach of BHR preserves more of the patients natural bone structures and stability, covering the joint's surface with a smooth, cobalt chrome implant that closely resembles a tooth cap.

“We’re extremely honored Dr. Sands chose Floyd Medical Center and our surgical team for this procedure,“ Jackie Eschbaugh, Surgical Services director, said. ”We’ve had a great time pulling everything together, working with Dr. Sands and obtaining the additional training for this procedure.”

Accompanying dr. Sands in surgery were three scrub technicians and one registered nurse. Floyd hand-selected its surgical team based on skills and interest in the procedure and sent a couple of team members to Smith & Nephew, Inc. in Nashville, Tenn. For additional training.

Being one of a few surgeons in the country trained to perform this procedure, Dr. Sands anticipates patients from across the United States traveling to Rome for this procedure.

The two-hour procedure is intended to help patients who suffer from hip pain, but may not feel total hip replacement is the most appropriate treatment option given their increased level of physical activity.

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